Complex solutions

Using the right tools and methods is essential when facing increasing problem complexity. Let us evaluate your opportunities to lower solution complexity using domain specific tools or other modern techniques, crafted exactly for your environment and needs.

Language matters

It is definitely not a good idea to describe rich user interface in assembly language or to try to handle an HW interrupt in java script. Use the right language and tools for solving a particular problem. Your efficiency can go even further with domain specific languages.

FreeRTOS/Linux Based Solutions

Most embedded applications today require an operating system. We can provide board support packages and custom device drivers for your hardware running a realtime operating system or embedded Linux.

Software Development

Braiins is mainly focused on software development in embedded systems domain. There are several different areas where we can help you:

  • low-level system development and integration (RTOS, drivers, embedded Linux)
  • custom application development
  • higher-level domain specific modeling/langugage development, highly increasing final productivity
  • test automation and continuous integration
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Braiins can provide you with variety of consulting services to help you make the right decision on a way to your own embedded product. The services may range from:

  • hardware evaluation
  • system analysis
  • project feasibility study
  • embedded technology research
  • domain specific language feasibility analysis
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The technology stack covers open tools and standards where possible and acceptable for our customers, for example:

  • GNU toolchain (binutils, gcc, gdb)
  • FreeRTOS
  • Python and MicroPython
  • Linux
  • Eclipse, CLion, and PyCharm IDE’s
  • and more
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