We are focused on providing our customers with a comprehensive software stack ranging from cross toolchain, debugging tools, over to operating systems, libraries and eclipse based IDE. The list below provides an overview of the software technologies used for our projects.

  • GNU toolchain (binutils, gcc, gdb) – we exclusively use GNU  toolchain since it is available for variety of architectures. Hardware vendors are highly motivated to contribute support for  their recent architectures to this toolchain that become an industry  standard.
  • newlib – C library for embedded systems provided by RedHat
  • OpenOCD – a standard tool used for debugging, in-system programming  and boundary-scan testing that supports many debugging JTAG adapters
  • FreeRTOS – real time operating system that is also available in a certified commercial form and supports a wide range of target system  architectures.
  • lwip – embedded TCP/IP stack suitable for RTOS based solutions
  • MicroPython – a tiny and efficient implementation of Python 3 for bare metal systems. We really like to run it within an RTOS ;-) along regular tasks that have to meet hard realtime deadlines
  • Linux – we exclusively use Linux kernel for high-end embedded devices with sufficient resources to run this operating system.