We are focused on providing qualified and professional services in the embedded world. Our consulting services cover wide range of areas including hardware evaluation, system analysis, project feasibility study, general embedded technology research, Domain Specific Language feasibility analysis. We can help you with product migration to a different MCU architecture by providing corresponding tools. We can also carry out necessary peripheral driver porting work or provide already existing drivers from our software stack whenever possible to save you additional development cost.

Hardware Evaluation

Choosing the right a hardware platform for a particular project is a crucial aspect that can save significant development cost on the go. We can perform evaluation of your hardware platform and evaluate its usability from different aspects with regards to your potential project.

Embedded Technology Research

The broad range of available embedded technology in today’s embedded market may seem overwhelming. We are able to help you with searching for the right embedded components for your project.

System Analysis

We are able to investigate the scope of your potential project, gather requirements, and provide design recommendations based on all of these. We can also document, modify, and/or expand your existing projects.

DSL Feasibility Analysis

We can investigate your particular domain and help you decide whether a Domain Specific Language (DSL) could help you accomplish your daily development task more efficiently, with reduced cost and better quality.